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This section is comprised of photos of families who have made Bangor their home.  We hope this will become a genealogic resource for people looking for long lost relatives.  We will post individual and family pictures for everyone to see.  Photos are often labeled and there is a possibility that they may be mislabeled.  Please contact us if you recognize someone, a mistake, or can give information as to birth, death, occupation, marriage, etc.  If you have family photos and would like to post them here, contact us to make arraignments.  There is also an unknown section.  We need help identifying the people in the photos of that section.  Most of the photos were taken in Bangor.  Lets put a face to our community and bring the past to the present.


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Genevive Abbott Ida Mae Ackley Sherrod Whitfield V. Ackley
Esther Adams Maude Hurtt Bishop Ackley Whitfield Ackley
Rosa Abbott Maude Ackely Rosa (Abbott) Zuhl
Bertha (Albright) Hessey    


Drucilla E. (Bennett) Farley Caroline (Barnum) Charles Bennett Family
George Bishop Family George Bishop Family 2 J.D. Bishop
Baker Family Henry Banks Marion & Nina Bosier
Ernest Bridges Mrs. J.H. Beson Bangor Get-Together
Frances Bishop Liddy The Burlingame Family The Broadwell Family
Amelia Barnum Ustick Charles Delia A. (Brown) (Lee) Wilcox J.D. Bishop 2
Mabel Bennett (Church) Jessie Cross (Beeching) Bernice Willis (Benson)
Orville Bradshaw James W. Balfour Mariah Wood (Baker)
Asa C. Baker Ida Marie Baker (Funk) Nicholas Bame
Lewis Bower Margaret Bower Roy Britton
John Henderson Britton Ida (Daggett) Britton Austin Ormond Beckwith Family
Emma (Beckwith) Cooper Louisa (Besemer) Walmer Flora Bigelow
Mamie Barkle (Hosier) Blanche Banta Harriet Steinman (Bowers)
Loree Taylor (Burlingame) Loree (Taylor) Burlingame  


William S. Charles Caroline (Barnum) Charles Edward Cable
Ionia Grills Charles David K. Charles The Chapman Family
Chas. U. Cross Family Clifton B. Charles Louis G. Church
Jennie Charles Findley Louis G. Church 2 Grace (Wegner) Church
Clinard Family Alex Connel Thomas Cross
Mary Jane (Bennett) Cross Thomas Cross Family Cornelius W. Cross Family
Marjorie Cross Smethells Sarah M. Cross-Smiley-Nyman Amanda (Chase-Cooper) Ebert
Ada (Cross) Burlingame Cornelius W. & Thomas Cross Melvin E. Cross
Harry Cross Hugh Cross Cornelius W. Cross & Sons
Amasa C. Cross Edna M. (Meachum) Cross Thomas Cross Family 2
Thom. & Cornelius Cross Fam. Amelia Barnum Ustick Charles Sara Cross
Thomas & Mabel Church Mabel Bennett (Church) The Cargo Family
Mary M. Crawford Alphonso Cross Family Andrew Campbell
Martha (Nower) Campbell Frances Campbell Katherine Campbell
James Campbell Etta Campbell Levi Cochran
Winnie (Summers) Clinard Mary Schermerhorn (Colburn) Jennie (Copeland) Goss
Julia (Copeland) Funk Jennie (Copeland) Goss 2 Julia (Copeland) Funk 2
Ida (Copeland) DeWalt Nora (Washburn) Carpenter George Carpenter
Julia (Copeland) Funk 3 Emma (Beckwith) Cooper Myrtle Cooper (Carpenter)
Roy Carpenter Marjorie Woodley (Carpenter) Atta Chapman
Roy Carpenter 2 Myrtle (Cooper) Carpenter  


Henry DeLong   DeHaven - Dage Family
The DeCook Family The Dillman Family Mina (Dixon) Loveland 1
Mina (Dixon) Loveland 2 Mina Dixon (Loveland) Worthy Decker
Pearl (Wakeman) Decker Orlando Davis Lilah Willis (DeBest)
Nancy (Doolittle) Merriman Emily (Jones) Dowland Ellen (Dowland) Southard 1
Ellen (Dowland) Southard 2 Carrie (Dowland) Kinney The Disbrow Family
Ida (Daggett) Britton Millicent Steinman (Davis) Vera Taylor (Michels) (Dunkelberger)


Charles Emmert Pansy Price Emmert Charles C. & Emma L. Earl
Ben Edmonds (?) Minnie Edmonds The Edmonds Family
Julia (Ewing) Palmer Amanda (Chase-Cooper) Ebert Jennie (Eby) Rowe
Emil H. Emmert Laura L. (Overton) Emmert Laura L. (Overton) Emmert 2
Harriet (Eastman) Steinman    


Jennie Findley Will Funk Dorothy & Mildred Farrington
Joseph & Catherine (Funk) Sherrick Funk Family Marnie Fausnaugh
The Foglesong Family The Freestone Family Delila (Fry) Harvey
Drucilla E. (Bennett) Farley Clifton C. Farley Clifton & Mary Ann Farley
Mary Ann Sibley Farley Locker Grace (Frye) Gough Virginia May Cargo (Freestone)
Abraham & Mary Friend Family Frank Fausnaugh Mazella Fausnaugh
Bernice Fausnaugh Rebecca (Westcott) Fausnaugh Walter & Mable (Hall) Fish
Etta Clinard (Smith) (Frazier) Martha (Spaulding) Funk 2 Mable (Hall) Fish
Preston Martin Funk Martha (Spaulding) Funk  


Dr. John Giffen John & Mary Giffen Hazel Bessie Smiley Gross
Spencer & Sarah Gross Family Purl Melville Gross George Franklin Gross
Spencer & Sarah Gross Mattie P. Gross Gale Garfield Gross 1
Mattie P. Gross Louis Spencer Gross Gale Garfield Gross 2
Harriet Goss Louis Edwin Gross 1 Louis Edwin Gross 2
Diana (Greenman) Moore Emma E. (Golden) Smith Emma E. (Golden) Smith 2
Ray & Grace (Frye) Gough John P. Goss Harriet (Wood) Goss
Edna Goss Mason O. Goss John P. Goss 2
Harriet (Wood) Goss 2 Edna (Goss) Lafler Mason O. Goss 2
Winnifred Goss Melba Goss Mason O. Goss 3
Emma (Provost) Goss Henry Goss Family Jennie Graves
Warren & Julia Goss Family Lola (Goss) Slaughter Girl Friends
Thomas Grills Family    


Chloe Hull The Harvey Family William Henry Hurlbut 1
Myrtle D. Holdridge Mrs. A.J. Hull William Henry Hurlbut 2
Austin Herrick Myra Herrick 1 Myra Herrick 2
Bess Herrick Calsina Herrick The Hogmire Family
Elsie Lillian Jewell (Hauke) Murray V. Hurlbut Christina (Hauman) Popp
Earnest Hope John F. & Frieda W. Hay Harley & Myrtle Horton
Zella Harvey (Ryan) Bertha (Trim) Hamilton Hazel Hamilton
Dora (Hughes) Willis (Hurlbut) Bertha (Trim) Hamilton 2 Katherine (Hadley) Masters
Julia Hurley (Randall) Julia Hurley (Randall) 2 Art Hubbard
Katherine Hurley (Wood) Katherine Hurley (Wood) 2 Myrick H. Hurlbut
Etta E. (Thomas) Hurlbut Ethelyn I. Hurlbut (Wood) Cecil Myrick Hurlbut
Cecil Myrick Hurlbut 2 Ethelyn I. Hurlbut (Wood) 2 Bertha (Hahn) Peterson
Cecil Myrick Hurlbut 3 Nina (Naftzgar) Hurlbut Bertha (Hahn) Peterson 2
Etta (Hosier) Robbins Christina (Hauman) Popp The Hessey Family
Mamie Barkle (Hosier)    


Johnny Jones James Jewell Martha (Little) Jewell
Elsie Lillian Jewell (Hauke) Jennie Jackson (Madison) Anna W. (Jennings) Tripp
James Jackson Eliza Jackson Emily (Jones) Dowland
Jeanette P. (Jones) Beckwith Ada Jaggers (Dillman)  


Henry M. Karsten William Kelton Amos & Mary Kraiger
Katheryn M. Siersema Karsten The Kennedy Family John Krogel
Bernice (Hogmire) Krogel 1 Bernice (Hogmire) Krogel 2 Katie Kingston
Thelma (Keisler) Slaughter Sarah Kingston Kraiger Family Reunion 1941
Edna Kincade The Krogel Family Dorothy & Mary Kraiger
Amos & Kittie (Trim) Kraiger Charles & M.D. Kraiger Dorothy, Mary & M.D. Kraiger
Kittie (Trim) Kraiger Charlie & M.D. Kraiger Minnie Krogel (Keating)
Florence (Kinney) Goss Florence Kinney (Goss) Carrie (Dowland) Kinney


James Franklin Lee  Emily Willis Lee James Franklin Lee
Dr. Edwin & Lillian Low Dr. Edwin & Lillian Low  2 David J. & Olga Lewis
Virginia Low (Sherrick) Raugh Henry Lafler Emma Lang
Harold Lafler Zelka Lafler Irma Lafler
The Loveland Family Ted Low Frances Bishop Liddy
Martha (Little) Jewell Llewellyn (Lynn) J. Lewis H. Clare Locker
Clare & Marion(Farley) Locker Marion (Farley) Locker Beatrice Lafler
Cynthia (Leever) Cross Delia A. (Brown) (Lee) Wilcox William & Flora Lynch
Sam & Riley Lynch Johanna & Oneta Lynch Chloe Cross (Lane)
Glen Lane Glen & Chloe (Cross) Lane George & Vera (Naftzger) Low
Anna (Lamb) Willis Jay Lafler Edna (Goss) Lafler
Harold Lafler 2 Irma Lafler 2 Zelka Lafler 2
Martha Lafler Elizabeth (Love) Hessey  


Josiah G. Miller Jay R. Monroe Harry Mauke
Horace MacKellar Dr. Norman D. Murphy Katherine C. Murphy
Charles E. Monroe Harriet E. (Palmer) Monroe Norman D. Murphy, Jr.
Lewis T. McKinney Nellie (Seebeck) McKinney Dr. James Murphy
McKinney Family Ada & Clint Manning Louis & Eva Moskowitz 1
Louis & Eva Moskowitz 2 Mrytle Monroe (Robbins) Murray Monroe
Diana M. (Greenman) Moore Elmina (Moore) Pennell Donald Alexander Moore
Blooma Moore (Price) Garnet George Moore Blooma Moore
Elmina (Moore) Pennell 2 Marguerette Moore Blooma Moore 2
Edna M. (Meachum) Cross Terissa (Mitchell) Popp Harvey Mitchell
Hila (Martin) Quakenbush Lewis McKinney Emily (Maguire) Cargo
Hattie Ruth (Martin) Cargo Francis Martin Family Howard Martindale
Howard & Florence Martindale Effie Masters (Willis) Marguerite Willis (MacAllister)
Nellie (Masters) Paddock Daniel Masters Katherine (Hadley) Masters
George Masters George Masters 2 Charles Masters
Effie (Barden) Miller David Meachum Orlo Monk
Jennie Jackson (Madison) Russell E. Merriman Harlow Merriman
John Miller Clara Popp (Mitchell) Nancy M. (Doolittle) Merriman
Joe Miller Rose Miller Agnes Miller
Agnes Miller 2 Vera Taylor (Michels) (Dunkelberger)  


Joseph H. Nyman Sarah M. Cross-Smiley-Nyman A.J. Nyman
Grace Loveland Newnum Grace (Loveland) Newnum Sarah M. Cross-Smiley-Nyman 2
Wesley Nicholas Roy Nicholas Tom Newnum
Marene (Nicholas) Freestone Nina & Vera Naftzgar Jay D. Naftzgar
Roy Nicholas 2 Vassar Northup Vera (Naftzger) Low
Lydia May (Nutting) Clinard (Overton) Nina (Naftzgar) Hurlbut  


Vern Orton Miller Overton Ivy Harvey Overton
E. Paul Overton Merit Overton Kenneth D. Overton
Carol F. Overton Frank H. Overton Lyn Overton
Loreen Overton Leland Stanford Overton 1 Leland Stanford Overton 2
Floyd Orton Fredrick N. Overton Louisa (Wood) Overton
Lydia May (Nutting) Clinard (Overton) Laura L. (Overton) Emmert Laura L. (Overton) Emmert 2


Charles C. Phillips Roland Phillips Cecil Penoyar
Philip P. Pifer Lovina Thomas Pifer Solomon Pifer
Solomon Pifer 2 Simon Pifer Simon Pifer 2
Harriet E. (Palmer) Monroe Alfred Burton Palmer Frank & Julia (Ewing) Palmer
Alfred B.  & Rasana F. Palmer Doris Palmer Rasana F. Palmer
Lewis Pennell Elmina (Moore) Pennell Elmina (Moore) Pennell 2
Blooma Moore (Price) Pennell Family Reunion Christina (Hauman) Popp
Nolan Popp Terissa (Mitchell) Popp Nolan M. Popp
Clara (Popp) Mitchell Mable Popp Loren Popp
Leonard  Popp Frank Penoyer Clifford & Mella (Willis) Pierce
Ella (Pierce) Willis Clifford & Mella (Willis) Pierce 2 Nellie (Masters) Paddock
Emma (Provost) Goss Raymond E. Peterson Bertha (Hahn) Peterson
Carrie B. (Ustick) Pifer John L. Price Bertha (Hahn) Peterson 2
Christina (Hauman) Popp Clara Popp (Mitchell) Mona Palmer
Jacob Peterson Elsie (Walmer) Peterson Olive Marie Grills (Peterson)


Earl Quakenbush Hila (Martin) Quakenbush Mary Ellen (Quick) Willis
Mary Ellen (Quick) Willis 2    


James P. Ryan John Robbins Maurice Russell
John H. Reese James Henry Randall Mary Ann Young Randall

Alfred Sylvester Randall

Emma Jean Randall Hinckley Estella May Randall Reynolds
Purlette Eugene Randall Lettia Day Randall Smith Emery Randall
Frank Scott Randall William Lowell Randall Theron Hiron "Hi" Randall
Olive Stuckum Randall "Jennie" (Rice) Hogmire Edson V. Root, Sr.
Myrtle Monroe (Robbins) Charles Root Zella Harvey (Ryan)
Carl & Mildred Radkey Julia Hurley (Randall) Julia Hurley (Randall) 2
Jennie (Eby) Rowe Frank Robbins Etta (Hosier) Robbins
Pearl (Rich) Smith Beulah (Hessey) Ryder Jane (Rogers) Grills
Margaret Steinman (Ryan)    


William J. Schemenauer William J. Schemenauer Vera M. Schemenauer
Minnie E. Schemenauer Adam Shafer Fonetta, Ray Simmons
Bert Sherrod Morris Sherrod Cleo Sutherby Watkins
Edward H. Sutherby John Sebring Clara (Stebbins) Sebring
Scott-DeHaven Reunion 1912 Scott-DeHaven Reunion 1914 George Slawson Family
Henry Sherrick Maud Sherrick Joseph & Catherine Sherrick
Eliza Jane, Mary Ann Sherrick Jemima (Sherrick) Besore John & Dorothy Sherrick
Estella Sherrick Sarah M Cross-Smiley-Nyman Hazel Bessie Smiley Gross
Louis Albert Smiley Lovina J. Thomas Spillers Sarah Elizabeth Spillers
Daniel Ammen Spillers Stebbins Family Marjorie Cross Smethells
Cora Schweitzer Frances Schweitzer Ida Mae Ackley Sherrod
Charles A. Southard Samuel Smiley Ermina Smiley
Hugh Seebeck Glenn W. Smiley Jesse & Rocelia Sherrod
Hugh A. Seebeck 1 Hugh A. Seebeck 2 Edgar Smith
George & Gertrude Smith Emma E. (Golden) Smith Emma Elizabeth (Golden) Smith
Gertrude (Smith) Sherrod Phillip Slaughter Family Robert Springett Family
Ralph, Claude, Merle Springett Ethel Springett Esther (Westcott) Springett
Ralph, Merle, Claude Springett Arthur Stevens Fannie Schweizer
Charles, Grace & Nolan Scott Charles Allen Scott Hilda Ann Scott
Hilda and Nolan Scott Velma M. Cargo (Stafford) Elizabeth Cross (Stearns)
Dewey & Linda (Boynton) Salnave Lottie Stickles Lizzie Stedman & Daughters
Joseph H. Sherrick Charley Springett Daniel Spillers
Norris Shepard Charles Shepard Levi Spillers
Merle & Vivian Springett Carrie Summers Luzelle Summers
Sarah (Westcott) Summers Percy Schroyer Peter & Cora (Walker) Sternaman
Oliver Salnave Winnie (Summers) Clinard Jenny Sheldon
Sarah Elizabeth Spillers (Shepard) Walter J. Smith Etta (Clinard) Smith
Rose V. Smith Ellen (Dowland) Southard Ellen (Dowland) Southard 2
Mary Schermerhorn (Colburn) George Smith Pearl (Rich) Smith
John Adam Schaefer Elaine Sheldon Archie Lloyd Sutherby
Margaret (Grills) Sutherby Adam & Rachel Steinman Family Cleo (Sutherby) Watkins
Martha (Spaulding) Funk Martha (Spaulding) Funk 2  


Erma & Vera Taylor Trim Family Malmoth D. Trim
Homer Taylor John Trim Kittie (Trim) Kraiger
Bertha (Trim) Hamilton Euline & Ottilie Trim Kittie (Trim) Kraiger
Bertha (Trim) Hamilton Ethyl (Trim) Wood Etta E. (Thomas) Hurlbut
Washington L. Thomas Harriet B. Walker Thomas Burrell W. Tripp
Lucy (Grills) Thompson Rachel (Tullis) Steinman Anna W. (Jennings) Tripp
Loree Taylor (Burlingame) Vera Taylor (Michels) (Dunkelberger)  


Amelia Barnum Ustick Charles Carrie B. Ustick Mytra (Ustick) Slaughter
Carrie B. (Ustick) Pifer May Elizabeth Ustick  


Robert VanDuzer    


The Wakeman Family Herbert A. & Ila (Bush) Wood Phillip B. Wood
Aunt Sarah Wood West Family Duane Willis
Eli Wm. & Nancy Gray Willis Zell White Harry Wieland
Jacob Elza & Julia E. Willis Earl White Clarence Edward Williams
Clifford Waite Alice Myrtle Willis Alice Myrtle Willis Williams
Cleo Sutherby Watkins Clifford & Jennie Waite Alfred Wood, Sr.
Ruby Kennedy Wood Alfred Wood, Jr. Mano Wood
Alfred Wood, Jr. Mano Wood G. Ward Wood
John Bastedo Wilcox Delia A. (Brown) (Lee) Wilcox Mittie Wilson
Ethyl (Trim) Wood Jacob Wertenberger Alice (Worthey) Cross
Thomas & Anna Willis Family Mason & Adaline Wood Family Etta Wilcox
Arminda Weimer Hulda (Wickett) Westcott Sarah (Westcott) Summers
Rebecca (Westcott) Fausnaugh Moses Henry Walmer Carrie (Clinard) Walmer
Levi Watkins Louisa (Wood) Overton Ethelyn I. Hurlbut (Wood)
Ethelyn I. Hurlbut (Wood) 2 Harriet B. Walker Thomas Watkins Family
Walter E. Wilcox Sarah J. (Whitcomb) Disbrow Nora (Washburn) Carpenter
William Washburn Marjorie Woodley (Carpenter) Paul & Louisa Walmer Family
Mary J. (Grills) Willison Cleo (Sutherby) Watkins  


Yeider Family    


Rosa (Abbott) Zuhl