Girl Friends


The photos in this section are from a collection of photos owned by Margaret (Grills) Sutherby.  They include several candid pictures of a group of young ladies all about the same age and most likely very good friends.  All lived in Bangor at one time.


Agnes Miller 1 Margaret Grills (Sutherby) 1 Agnes Miller 2
Atta Chapman 1 Margaret Grills 2 Camilla Grills 1
Atta Chapman 2 Elaine Sheldon 1 Camilla Grills 2
Elaine Sheldon 2 Agnes Miller 3 Blanche Banta 1
Mamie Barkle (Hosier) 1 Agnes Miller 4 Mamie Barkle (Hosier)
Mamie Barkle 2 Flora Bigelow Camilla Grills 3
Agnes Miller 5 Margaret Grills  3 Elaine Sheldon 3
Agnes Miller 6 Mona Palmer 1  





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