The following lists of people are from families who made Bangor their home.  They are from time periods ranging from the 1880's to the 1930's.  We would really like to know more about them and their relatives.  If any family members or friends of the persons listed below would contact us, we would appreciate hearing from you.


David K. Charles George Bridges
Clifton B. Charles Dana Bridges
Wm. S. Charles         Family found Cora Schweitzer
Oscar Getz James D. Kingston
Merritt Orton M. O. Whitney
Robert Orton Thad. T. McNitt
LaVergne Orton L. J. Lewis
Stephen McMillan A. B. Taft
Mammie McMillan Roland Phillips         Family Found
Henry Phillips          Family Found Clare Palmer
J. E. Westfall O. R. Burnsworth
Fitz Camp Fred Hahn
N. S. Taylor Wm. Schermerhorn
Orton Schermerhorn Maurice F. Russell