Restoration of the Bangor Elevator

      Anyone who has a connection with Bangor will surely agree that the old Elevator Building is truly a landmark in the community.   It was not hard to see that the structure in 2004, was also in dire need of some TLC.  An agreement was reached and plans were drawn up for a lease with an option to buy, between the DDA and a partnership consisting of Mike Fritz (representing Michigan Summer Blueberries, Inc.) and Bob Emmert.  The partnership was known as Bangor Restoration, LLC.  To say that this event rivaled the coming of the railroad in the early 1870ís is probably an overstatement.  However, the restoration to the Bangor Elevator is a welcome and enlightening improvement to the downtown business district. 

      The building has now been restored.  In December of 2008, the Bangor Elevator was granted the prestigious status of being placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.  In 2009, Bangor Restoration was presented a Governor's Award for Historic Preservation.  It was one of seven projects in the entire state of Michigan.  The 95th Legislature of the State of Michigan presented a Special Tribute in February of 2009 to Bangor Restoration for its accomplishments in the preservation of an historic building.  This Tribute was signed by State Rep. of the 8th District, Tonya Schuitmaker; State Sen. of the 21st District, Ron Jelinek; U.S. Congressman of the 6th Congressional District, Fred Upton; and Governor of the State of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm. 

       The Bangor Elevator is now transformed into a micr-brewery.  It is also rented out as a reception hall and community gathering spot during holidays.  There is a full catering kitchen and enough tables and chairs to seat a capacity of 130 people. 



Governor's Award 


George, Andy, & Bob - State Capitol Rotunda


Legislative Tribute


Getting Started

1. Before Photos/Exterior

2. Before Photos/Interior

3. Gutting the Office

4. Pre Floor Removal

5. Cement Floor Removed

6. Unique Discoveries

7. Upper Grain Chutes

8. Loft Over the Back Room

9. Removal of Eastside Overhang

10. Cement Docks and Truck Hoist Removal

11. Cutting Timbers

Restoration Begins

12. Designer's Plans

13. Tackling the Roof

14. Preparing for a New Roof-East Side

15. Preparing for a New Roof-West Side

16. The Backroom

17. Shingles

18. Removal of the Front Porch

19. Removing the Board and Batten Siding

20. Reframing the First Floor

21. Boarding the Walls

22. Interior Views

23. Insulating the First Floor

24. Insulating the Second Floor

25. Weather Wrap

26. New Windows

WOW! Finally!

27. Siding

28. Siding the Cupola & Dormers

29. Batten Boards on the Lower Portion

30. Final Product (Outside)

31. Was it worth it?

Finishing the Interior

32. Removing the Floor

33. Stairways - Rear

34. Stairways - Front

35. Second Floor Bins

36. Finishing the first level floor

Finished Interior

37. First Floor

38. Stairways

39. Second Floor