In the late 1970's or early 1980's, Theron "Doc" Wood loaned the Bangor Advance a box of old postcards and photos of Bangor, possibly for a history publication.  There were several pictures of the Sebring House Hotel along with other businesses and street scenes around town.  The box was never returned.  Several people who worked at the Advance mentioned seeing a box of photos at the office.  No one seems to remember what happened to that valuable box.  It is not certain whether that box and Mr. Wood's box were one and the same.  Other sources mention that the Advance at one time, placed a quantity of old photos and postcards on a table outside the office for sale.  Still other sources remember a history class at school where they were shown old photos that may have come from the Advance.  If anyone purchased any of these photos or knows what may have happened to the "box" or pictures, we would appreciate hearing from you.