J.P. Ryan came to Bangor in 1901 and started a store of clothing and general merchandise.  It soon grew to be one of the best department stores in the area.  Levi DeHaven also went into the same line of business about the same time period.  Together these two men created a business atmosphere in Bangor that pulled would-be shoppers to town from all over Southwest Michigan.  Mr. Ryan set up shop in a building on Monroe St. owned by the Sherrod Family.  He outgrew the building after only two years.  Bert Sherrod built a new store for J.P. that was then the crowning jewel of the community.  Mr. DeHaven started in a store on the east side of the railroad tracks known as the Big Store.  He soon purchased the adjoining two stores to the east and expanded his business.  We have pictures of both the Ryan and DeHaven stores along with some views of the interiors.