Pat, Click on the numbered photo boxes below and I think you can copy and save to your computer.  If by chance you can't make it happen, I can burn them on a disc and mail them to you, if you like.  I would like to know your input on my theory. 



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I hope you can make some sense of this.  LL North(r)up photography was in Bangor from the very early 1870's to about 1896.  I can somewhat date a photo by the graphics on the card.  Most of the collection was from this gallery.  There are many other photos from all over the mid-west; Grand Rapids, MI, Muskegon, MI, Lansing, MI, Hartford, MI, Rochelle, IL, Kendallville, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Fond Du Lac, WI.  If you can make a connection to any of these cities, I'll see you get the photo.  Please let me know when you have gotten the photos so I can remove them from the website.  No big hurry, but they do take up needed space.  If this doesn't work, we can do something else.  I do hope you have something we can cross reference to these photos.  Thanks, Pat.