Ed Cable came to Bangor in the early 1870's as a barber.  An African-American who is probably one of Bangor's most interesting and outstanding historic characters.  He was a Grand Secretary of the Colored Masons.  In 1888, he was a delegate to the Republican Convention, although the newspaper does not state which convention it was or where it was.  Ed was a popular singer who sang at many local events.  He owned a trotter horse named Razor D that he sold in 1883 for $1550.  At that time, that amount of money could build a very nice house.  In 1885, Ed married Anna DeNoon, who was a white woman.  As one might imagine, this relationship was not looked upon with a positive nature at this point in history.  He received several threatening letters, but was determined to stay and stand his ground.  With time, Ed again gained the respect of the citizens of this community and became a very popular barber in town.  The marriage produced only one child who died in infincy.  Ed retired in the mid-1930's after 60 years of service as a barber, and died in 1939.  He had relatives in Indianapolis, Indiana and Fort Scott, Kansas.  Anna died in 1948.  Not much is known of the DeNoon Family.  A lady by the name of Stickels was the executor of the Cable estate.  We would like to hear from members of the Cable, DeNoon, or Stickels (Not thought to be related to the Stickels family in Bangor) Family.