The following sketch of Ira B. Winch was printed in an 1892 issue of the Bangor Advance: "Ira B. Winch is from the Buckeye State; born in 1828; came to Indiana in '34 and to Berrien County, Michigan in 1855.  He reached Bangor in 1878 and has since been known as one of our reliable citizens.  Mr. Winch first planted a basket factory and planing mill here, but was completely cleaned out by fire in 1880.  For the past few years he has been engaged in the manufacture of a superior fruit ladder, also an improved step-ladder for gathering fruit.  In fruit seasons his sales are large as no farmer will do without from one to five of these necessary adjuncts to an orchard.  He also builds a combination hay and stock rack, which is coming into general use and which every farmer who has stock to move can see its utility.  Shop and residence on Railroad and Union Streets."  It is believed that Mr. Winch was married.  He passed away in Bangor, but nothing is known of his family.  We would like to know more.