Donations & Support

The Bangor Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service.  This means your donation is 100% deductable on your income tax by all means of the law as stated by the IRS.   

You can make a donation to the Bangor Historical Society's general fund, which will be used as the Society sees fit.  Or, you can make a donation to the Building Fund of the Society and your contribution will go toward the development of the museum.   

You can also help by purchasing the award winning book "Bangor: Our History in Photographs."  Proceeds from the sale will help fund the Bangor Historical Society Building Fund. The book is available at the Museum or we can have it mailed to your address. 

If you have historical items of interest pertaining to Bangor, the Historical Society will gladly place them where they will be appreciated for all to see.  Also, if you would like to donate items that have a value for resale, you will receive a receipt of sale that can be used as a deduction on your income tax.  Check with your tax preparer.  Items such as; property, homes, antiques, cars, boats, postcards, furniture, etc., all have a value for resale.  Estate planning is also a means of support.  Remembering the Bangor Historical Society in your will or trust can help greatly to preserve our local history.

These are a few ways to help support the Bangor Historical Society.  Donations can not be too large or too small.  Whatever you decide, you are helping preserve the history of Bangor for future generations.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  Thank you for your support.